I am just trying to learn to use mysql and zope together (relatively new at both) .  
can create tables, but when I view them I only see the first character of any given 
value.  If the table is named farm, I can see it listed with show tabled from 
my_database at "f".  Likewise, when I select * from my_table, I see the fields listed 
with value of single chars in each one and they appear to be the chars that make up 
the text of my very last field value.
P r o v i d e s (each char is the value of a colum)

I am not sure how to even focus this question more than this, but what is goin on?  
When I create a second table named farm_test and then BROWSE MYSql 
connection object I see two things there... F and F.  Each one has the word table 
under it when expanded.

Here is how I created the tables:
    owner_id int primary key not null auto_increment,
    farm_name char (40),
    discipline char (30),
    owner_fname char(30),
    owner_lname char(30),
    farm_address1 char(50),
    farm_address2 char(50),
    city char(30),
    state char(2),
    zip char(5),
    country char (20),
    phone_area_code char(3),
    phone_no_area char(10),
    fax char(13),
    url char(30),
    email char(15),
    nearest_city char(15),
    nearest_city_distance int,
    add_date date,
    edit_date date,
    details char (250))

Here is how I populate the first record:

insert into horse101.farm 
y,nearest_city_distance,add_date,edit_date,details) values(0,'Riverbed 
1234','http://www.dressage.to','[EMAIL PROTECTED]','San Francisco',60,2001-04-
10,2001-04-10,'Providing dressage instruction, training, judging as well
as offering for sale imported and domestic dressage prospects.')

Here is how I attempt to see the records:
select *
from farm

Here are my results:
Owner id= P Farm name=r Discipline=o Owner fname=v ,etc.  You see, the last 
field is being inserted into the other fields one char at a time.
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


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