> >>We are soon going to begin checking in changes to the head of
> >>the Zope CVS that will require the use of Python 2.1. Once we
> >>start on the 2.4 tasks, you will not be able to use a public
> >>CVS checkout of Zope with older Pythons.
> >>
> >>We are not going to start this until after Python 2.1 final
> >>is out (expected next monday), but wanted to give CVS'ers
> >>fair warning. If you are using the current public CVS and
> >>don't want to start using Python 2.1, you should either
> >>avoid doing any CVS updates until you're ready to migrate
> >>or move off of CVS to a current (2.3.1) release.
> will there be a 2.3 maintenance branch or will all development 
> stop on 2.3?

Sorry, I should have been more clear.

There is (and will continue to be) a "current release branch", 
which is the branch that stable (bug-fix) releases are made 
from. Currently the release branch name is 'zope-2_3-branch'.

This is probably the branch that most CVS users actually want 
to be using anyway. Running from the trunk you get all of the 
latest bugfixes, but you also get all of the latest half-baked 
work for the next feature release - which might be worse than 
the bugs you were trying to avoid in the first place :)

So if you are running from CVS (but are not running from the 
current release branch) you can go into your local copy and 
do: 'cvs up -d -P -r zope-2_3-branch' to update to the release 
branch checkout.

The warning is mostly aimed at the bleeding-edge people who 
use the CVS trunk. If you are running the release branch you 
will continue to get bug fixes and will not need to upgrade to 
Python 2.1, as the changes in preparation for 2.1 will only 
go into the trunk.

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