Hi all,

Zope seems to behave weird/inconsistently when copy/cut/pasting objects 
from folder (-objects) to folder (-objects).

For one, it doesn't seem possible to move an object more up to the root
(or anywhere not *below* the folder the object was cut/copied from). This
is partially due to the fact that the __cp (clipboard) cookie has it's path
set to it's originating folder. I.e move /foo/bar/a to /foo/a or to /blah/a

Clipboards seem to be local to the folder. This may be related to the nature
of cookies (with their path set to that the path of that folder), I'm not sure.
If you cut 'a' in /foo/bar, then cut 'b' from / and try to paste 'b' in
/foo/bar, you'll end up with '/foo/bar/a' again. And as it is not possible 
to clear your clipboard (esp which opera, which cannot clear cookies), it's 
very difficult to move objects in these circumstances.

Is there any clear reason zope behaves this way? Are there any problems to
be expected if the path of the __cp cookie is set to /, so your clipboard
is visible everywhere? Could ZCatalog aware objects cause problems?

I'd be willing to spend some time on fixing this if there's nothing that it
would break.



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