Title: RE: [Zope-dev] Catalog in 2.3.1

Does anyone know if/when this will make it into a release? I am about to deploy a Helpdesk/Knowledge Base product which is very heavily Catalog based.

Adrian Hungate
Manager, European I.S.
Acucorp UK Limited

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* Adrian Hungate <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [010419 10:09]:
> Are there some problems with the new catalog?
> I have spotted two possible problems:
> 1) In CatalogAware, there is a function reindex_all, which appears to have a
> few problems, like calling index_object instead of reindex_object. Also, why
> "sub = self.objectValues()" when sub is never used?
> 2) If I search a text index for a value that it does not contain, I get
> nothing back (No surprises there), but if I search for a word that is a
> substring of a word in the index, I get a Type Error (expected integer key).
> Did I do something wrong, or have I hit a bug?

Don't know much about (1), but (2) is certainly a bug, and seems to
have been fixed in CVS.


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