Tres Seaver wrote:

>Itai Tavor <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>  Dieter Maurer wrote:
>>  >Itai Tavor writes:
>>  >  > P.S Now that aq_parent is working... why can't I do
>>  >  > absolute_url() on DTMLFiles :-(
>>  >"absolute_url" is provided by the class "OFS.Traverable".
>>  >Apparently, "DTMLFile" is not derived from it.
>>  >
>>  >
>>  >Dieter
>>  Well, obviously... the question is why nobody saw the need to add
>>  Traversable to DTMLFiles...
>DTMLFiles are supposed to function as *methods* of their classes;
>methods *don't* have their own 'absolute_url', but return the url
>of the object on which they are called.  DTMLMethods have exactly
>the same semantics:
>   <dtml-var absolute_url>
>returns the folder/context object's URL, by design.

Thanks for replying, and sorry for getting so long to get back to 
your answer. Had a fun week recovering from a hack attack.

Ok, so DTMLFile.absolute_url() should return its container. Except... 
DTMLFiles simply don't have absolute_url - their own or inherited. 
They return an attribute error.

I was going to post a feature request to the collector, but if 
absolute_url on a DTMLFile will return the container, then it's 
pretty useless.

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