Just a quick note as it's quite late already (more tomorrow):

> In the early days of ZPatterns, I assumed that I would create SQL
> providers, LDAP providers, and suchlike gizmos.  Later, it became clear
> that it was more useful to have a simple "glue" language to allow
> harnessing the full power of Zope in the context of events happening to
> objects.  I still toy with the idea of making an "SQL attribute provider",
> however, that would be based on the ZSQLMethod object and add some
> ZPatterns hooks to it, but it's not a big priority.  Its main value would
> be to cut down on some repetitive typing between one's SQL statements and
> SkinScript statements.

Well, exactly this was the intention of programming this as I was a bit
bored by all this typing, exactly when the attribute lists are getting 
longer. So right now I define it once in the ZClass, press the "Read
ZCLass propsheet" button and the my attribute provider sets everything
up itself..
(it also saves me from typing errors..)

Actually I did it with SkinScript before but thought some simple plugin
would be nicer..

But thanks for explaining the inner workings in some more detail (maybe
I should put this into some howto or so? or it might be put into the
ZPatterns wiki..), as this really should help (not only me I guess :)

I will comment more on this tomorrow.. 
(at least I got some idea how I might solve my problem... though I thought this
some times before already.. ;-)

And the other possible option would be (as Steve suggested once on IRC) to create
some wizard which sets up all the SkinScript methods and ZSQL methods in one

Anyway, more about it tomorrow.

good nite..

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