RE: [Zope-dev] ZCatalog features> I think that the idea of exposing these
_in addition_ to (as opposed to instead
> of) the current way it works is a good idea.

What does "these" refer to here?  if you mean intersection and union
operations, this is the plan.

> How hard would it be to add the current 'user visible' boolean logic to
> types other than text?

I'm not sure what you mean... what feature are you referring to?


- C

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"Morten W. Petersen" wrote:
> Hia guys,
> A couple of comments and questions about the ZCatalog:
> Is it possible to pass an argument to the catalog so that returned brains
> would instead be actual objects?
Not currentl, although the new brain objects have a method 'getObject'
that makes getting the object straightforward while you're iterating
over a bunch of them.
> Given that we have to manually join search results, because ZCatalog
> doesn't support ORs etc (for FieldIndexes), wouldn't it be useful to have
> some sort of tool that could take a set of results, and return a result
> with only unique values?
Yes.  There's a propsal on to expose union and intersection
operations to users of the catalog.
.   Comments are appreciated.
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