On Mon, Apr 30, 2001 at 09:34:53PM -0700, Simon Michael wrote:
> Zope or the codeit setup didn't seem to see things in
> INSTANCE_HOME/Shared and I don't have access to SOFTWARE_HOME/Shared.

Hmm. Rolled newspaper for them. :-)

> What's the reason for this new level of indirection, the
> ExternalTestCase object ? And do you think this name is appropriate ?
> (I am confused about tests vs test cases vs test suites)

It's a refactoring to prepare for 0.3, where we'll have the
actual TestCase object. This object will allow you to write
tests TTW.

Yes, we know a lot of you don't want to do that. Don't worry,
ExternalTestCase will always be there ;-) But you have to
realize that there are also a lot of people who just won't
touch Python code in the filesystem whenever possible. If
you're testing a ZClass-based Product, it would be completely
cumbersome to use PyUnit.

> Also, any ideas about the following which I get when running either my
> own tests or the samples:
> AttributeError: id

Mumble mumble. Probably API incompatibility between Zope
versions? We'll look further into it.

(Recent versions are deprecating direct access to the 'id'
attribute, specially because you don't know when it's a string
and when it's a method... we should have used getId())

We now have a SourceForge project, feel free to report bugs and
browse our open tasks to see where we're going :-)

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