Dieter Maurer wrote:
> Stefane Fermigier writes:
>  > It seems to me that when I create a CatalogAware objet in a version,
>  > it doesn't get into the catalog after the version is committed (in fact,
>  > it doesn't event get into the catalog inside the version).=20
>  >
>  > Am I right? Is this considered normal behavio(u)r? Any idea for a workaro=
>  > und?
> I do not know, but I would be happy if it is this way...
>    Otherwise, any change in a version would look the catalog into this
>    version. No two versions could work in parallel, as
>    all would need the catalog.
> But I fear, that precisely that will happen....
> In my applications, I make heavy use of versions but not
> yet essential use of CatalogAware. This starts to
> change with the CMF as it uses corresponding methods
> to keep the catalog updated.
> Dieter
Maybe, the problem I got in CMF after customizing the
"discussion_reply_form" in a version are related to that (I posted a
message to the CMF list yesterday, no answers yet though).

I got a "NotFound" error, when replying to a document. Usually one gets
the failing URL in the trace as well, which was not the case here (it
was empty).
Nevertheless the reply **was generated and added to the catalog and was
searchable and viewable**. However, it was not generated as
"document/talkback/8849776" as usual, but as (Portal is the root of the
CMF site) "/Portal//talkback/8849776", with the two slashes after
"Portal". And so didn't show up neither at the bottom of the document.

So, is the moral: NO working within versions when changing (customizing)
CMF sites (or other catalogaware objects ?


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