Hi ya'll,
I have created a product with a zclass that contains a zclass; classA contains classB.
Both use 'Folder' as bases class.
I want the classB objects to have a 'default rendering' capability so I added a DTML Method named index_html to classB with the following code:
<dtml-var expr="_.getitem(template, 1)">
Where 'template' is a property of the object that has a method name in it.
So far so good, if I navigate to a classB object the correct method is called and the object is rendered.
Now for the part I don't understand.....
I have a page where I would like dynamically display a classB object. I used the following:
<dtml-var expr="_.getitem(index_object, 1)">
Where 'index_object' is the id of a classB object within the name space (same folder).
I thought that this would call the 'default rendering' for the named object, but instead returns the object.
The following code worked:
<dtml-with expr="_.getitem(index_object, 0)">
 <dtml-var index_html>
Why does the "_.getitem(index_object, 1)" not return the rendered object?

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