Yes, it is entirely with cookies, and we are using frames, although the
there's only one sub-frame accessing the session object (that's where we
show the shopping cart).

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Is this entirely with cookies?  Or are you using url-encoding anywhere? 
Does your application make use of frames or multiple windows?

- C

Bjorn Stabell wrote:
> Chris,
> It is definately not what you expect, although it was a good guess :)
> Here's an example of what happens:
>   1. User adds Burger to shopping cart
>     -> Shopping cart shows Burger
>   2. User adds Coke to shopping cart
>     -> Shopping carts shows Burger and Coke
>   3. User adds Fries to shopping cart
>     -> Shoppping cart is empty(!)
>   4. User adds Fries to shopping cart
>     -> Shopping cart only shows Fries
>   4. User adds Apple Pie to shopping cart
>     -> Shopping cart shows Fries and Apple Pie
>   5. User adds Ice Cream to shopping cart
>     -> Shopping cart shows Burger, Coke, and Ice Cream(!)
>   ...and so on...
> Sometimes, clicking links that don't even touch the shopping cart will
> make it disappear, e.g., viewing a new product category in the
> It seems pretty random, and it is hard to reproduce reliably.  The
> shopping cart is displayed on the same page as the catalog.  Any
> PS! I have noticed that in other cases Zope is a acting a little bit
> random too, e.g., when it comes to which character set is used;  it
> not obey our commands to set it to gb2312 about 1 out of 10 times.
> could be an IE bug, but I doubt it.
> Bye,
> --
> Bjorn

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