Shane Hathaway wrote:
> One would define an "ObjectMappingSchema" whose job it is to store and
> retrieve objects of a specific type and in a specific location.  It
> would usually grab a database connection object to do its work.  When
> loading, it would perform a query then manually put attributes into a
> persistent object.  When storing, it would grab specific attributes from
> the persistent object and execute a statement to store those attributes.

How does this differ from ZPatterns? Phil?

> Now, it may be useful to provide a management interface for defining the
> schema mapping.  I haven't approached that yet; AFAICT this is where the
> work done on SmartObjects and DBObjects would be very useful.  Initially
> I was planning for people to code the mapping purely in Python so we
> could gain experience and find common patterns before inventing a UI.

Sounds good to me :-) Thanks for the explanation...



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