Thanks for the fast reply!

On Tue, 15 May 2001, Chris McDonough wrote:

> Have you read
> ? I suspect there will be improvement.

Surely there will be improvement, but not of factors two or three, or

And, I can do the who adding process again, so I don't need to convert the
> > If I do not uncomment those things in I get an error
> > on SERVER_URL.  I think it is resolve_url() that tries to make a run for
> > it.
> What are you referring to when you say "those things" in the sentence above?

Sorry, the lines 181-184 of

    def index_object(self):
        """A common method to allow Findables to index themselves."""
#        if hasattr(self, self.default_catalog):
#            getattr(self,self.default_catalog).catalog_object(self,self.url()\

> Have you seen the "" script inside of the
> lib/python/Testing directory?  It does what you're trying to do when
> you set applic.REQUEST=REQUEST (the major difference being that it
> works ;-).

I'll check that out.  :-)

> If you read the Zope Developer's Guide testing and debugging chapter
> from its CVS repository, I believe it's documented in there.  If you
> don't have the lib/python/Testing/ file, look on
> for it.

Will do  :)

> I'll be curious to see the results.  Hopefully you'll have better luck
> under 2.3.1b2.

So I hope.  I'll let you know when the results come through; probably
tomorrow morning at the earliest.

Thanks so far :)

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