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> Any hints?
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> >From: "Júlio Dinis Silva" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> >Subject: [Zope] ZCatalog + Directory product question
> >Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 18:29:37 +0100
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> >Hi,
> >
> >supose you have a product with two classes:
> >
> >MyCategory
> >   |
> >   ---------- MyLink
> >
> >Both classes are CatalogAware.
> >The ideia of this classes is to implement
> >a Directory like yahoo (think about the Yiahw product).
> >
> >
> >Well the problem arises when you have 30 results in your search and
> >all are Mylinks in a directory depth path of 10 category... The search
> >becomes to heavy,i.e, scalability is compromised.

You should create an instance method (It will need to be a Python
script, DTML methods cannot be indexed)to return the result of the value
of active in the acquisition stack. Then index against this method. This
puts the burden on updates, so whenever a MyCategory is changed from
active to inactive, all child objects will need to be reindexed. This
can be done by creating another Python script that gets called on
updates to MyCategory objects.

The indexed instance method could be something as simple as:

return getattr(container, 'active', 0)

Only set the active property on those objects that are actually active.
Don't set the property at all on inactive objects. That way acquisition
does the work instead of doing it manually (an probably much slower). To
see if an object is active, just call the instance method.

> >
> >I'm thinking I could use the zope security engine to do the active/deactive
> >trick, i.e, when I deactivate one MyCategory I uncheck some security entry,
> >then listing my directory I do a dtml-in with skip-unauthorized, and when I
> >do a search I try to getObject MyLink's
> >results as a anonymous role and then skip_unauthorized.
> >
> >I think this skip_unauthorized could be the solution for this
> >ZCatalog+Directory product scalability, because instead of running
> >trough the PARENTS and check a property, I will be using zope's
> >internal security mecanism.

That is a interesting idea, but I don't think it would really make it
much faster. Although I could be wrong. Basically you would make it so
that users performing the query didn't have view permissions on the
inactive Categories. It would be more challenging to test as well. It
would however make updates less intensive.

> >
> >Any hints,
> >Júlio Dinis Silva

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