Hi Andy, and all !

I was developing a little webapp under Zope.
I was using the following setup:
Linux 2.4.x
Zope 2.3.0
MySQL 3.22.32

Everything went smooth that way. Small SQL queries and complex SQL queries, 
queries on empty tables and on full ones, they all went well.

Now I exported the website and dumped the tables structure.

I the impoerted the website and created the tables on a:
Sun Solaris (don't ask me what release) - Sparc processor.
Zope 2.3.0
MySQL 3.23.32 (or 3.23.33, I am not sure)

And this happened:
Querying MySQL like this:
show tables;
select * from data;
all went ok.
But running this statement on *empty* tables (mark you, just no data) left no 
python process running, they all died:
select a.a b.b c.c
from a b c
where a.fk_b = b.pk_b
and a.fk_c = c.pk_c
order by a.a;
It looks to me there is an uncaught "NULL pointer exception" deep down 
somewhere in the code....

Anyone hints or solutions ?
I am going to put some valid data into the database and try to run the 
queries again. I have not done this yet.

- Thanks in advance, Holger

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