It's obvious. This is just Zope's way of telling you not live on hamburgers
and coke.

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Bjorn Stabell
Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2001 12:33 AM
To: Chris McDonough; Howard Zhang
Subject: Randomness (RE: [Zope-dev] CoreSessionTracking 0.8)

Allright, let me try again.  I wish I had a small piece of code to give
you so you can reproduce it, but right now you'd have to get our entire
CMF-based website.

The bug basically manifests itself in that there are two versions of the
variable we put in the session (a shopping cart dict).  When I browse
through the site (not even updating the shopping cart) it'll show one
version for some links (1-40) before it switches to show the other, and
so on.  It looks like the website has two shopping carts that it
switches back and forth between.  You can see the shopping cart on every
page in the website (it's embedded into the template).

We were using frames, but I tried it several times without frames now
and the bug remains.  I even noticed that other variables disappeared
randomly as well, e.g., USER_PREF_LANGUAGES which is set by the
Localizer, resulting in a key error (I've probably seen 300 pages views,
and then suddenly one going back to another page gives a key error?).

I'm very curious what could possibly be causing such problems.  I
thought there might be something wrong in the shared memory between
threads, as I can't see anything else changing but the threads (is there
a way to display which thread is doing the publishing?).

I've seen similar randomness displayed in other situations where I've
been reloading pages that would sometimes (same interval, about every
1-40 times) show one character set, and other times another.  I think
nobody likes to see that kind of randomness.  It gives me a very bad
stomach feeling.  I definately think it's something deeper than a
CoreSessionTracking problem.

Bjorn Stabell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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From: Chris McDonough [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2001 20:34
To: Howard Zhang
Subject: Re: [Zope-dev] CoreSessionTracking 0.8

I remember this problem, but I haven't been able to reproduce it.  But
maybe it's because I'm not understanding the steps to reproduce it.  The
sentence "user adds coke to shopping cart and click link to add coke
again before request finished" is hard to understand.  Can you explain? 
Are you using frames?

Howard Zhang wrote:
> Hi
>     The problem about CoreSessionTracking we describe before we can
> repeat again now.
>     The step is:
>        ( 1 )  User adds Burger to shopping cart
>        ( 2 )  User adds coke to shopping cart and click link to add
> again before request finished
>        ( 3 )  The Burger is disappear in shopping cart and just one
> ( not two )
>        ( 4 )  Repeat the step 2,Burger is back
> Anything you could tell me would be helpful.
> Regards,
> howard
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