On Thu, 24 May 2001, Michel Pelletier wrote:

> If the first works, then you are using a globbing vocabulary.  The
> second one should work, but maybe there is a bug.  Or perhaps your
> search criteria is so strict that you are getting no results.

Hm.  Something isn't right here.


got me 70 hits.



got me 4 hits.

That's a bit strange, if you ask me :)


   (erik) and (enge)

returned 1 hit


   (erik) and (eng?)

gave me none.

The first one looked like this after the parsers had nibbled on it:

  [['erik'], 'and', ['enge']]

And the latter one:

  [['erik'], 'and', ['eng?']]


  (erik ... enge)

turned in to:

  [['erik', '...', 'enge']]

and returned one (correct) result.  Although, I recall seeing something
like this:

 [['erik', '...', '...', '...', 'enge']]

earlier, which probably should never make sense.  Something is wrong here.

Where should I look next to figure out what's going on?
> > I can't see that the query-parsers in UnTextIndex.py transforms them
> > differently, but I might be missing something obvious.
> There's _nothing_ obvious in that particular chunk of code.

Good, then it's just not me.  Is the overall design philosophy for
ZCatalog/Catalog/SearchIndex documented anywhere?  (By the way, from
lib/python/SearchIndex/TextIndex.py, what is sws and cv3?)

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