On Thu, 24 May 2001, Chris McDonough wrote:

> These "it appears CST is unstable" reports are helpful to an extent
> (from Bjorn, Joachim, and Howard), as it lets me know that something
> needs to be done to CST.  However, a much more helpful report would be
> one which provides a repeatable test case which invariably reproduces
> the problem instead of one which states the symptoms and effects of the
> problem.

Just to add myself to the list, I too am having problems with
CoreSessionTracking :(  I am trying to find a test case for the problem,
but I really can't replicate it.  It first I thought it was a cookie
issue, but I am now noting down the session id generated and it stays the
same even when my session data is lost, so I don't think it is that.

what I experience: I add an item to my shopping cart system and it shows
up fine, all state is maintained.  If I however leave the page and not
touch anything for a couple of minutes and then reload the page, the cart
is now empty.  I know this is not that helpful, but I'm trying to tie it
down myself!

One thing that I do need to check though -- I am right in assuming I can
insert complex objects into the SessionData right?  I have an 'Order'
class that amongst other things has a dict containing instances of a
'Product' class.  The Order instance is stored in the SessionData.  As I
said it appears to work fine and I can add and delete items from my Order
fine.  Just it randomly looses it now and then.


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