> > I know, but that's why the errors are called "random": They are not easy
> > replicate ...
> I understand.

I don't know if this helps a bit: It's the code used in KONTENTOR for
putting the session into the REQUEST namespace. I think it is not the most
elegant way of doing this, but it seems to work, except for the times it
doesn't ;-)

The actual problem I can trace (we don't have a shopping cart) is that the
manage_content variable falls back to "NO" without a reason. Please tell me
that the problem is in our code, not in the CST:

<dtml-let data="SESSION.getSessionData()">
 <dtml-unless "data.has_key('manage_content')">
  <dtml-call "data.set('manage_content','NO')">
 <dtml-in "REQUEST.form.keys()">
  <dtml-let si=sequence-item>
   <dtml-unless "si=='file'">
    <dtml-call "data.set(si, REQUEST[si])">
 <dtml-in "data.keys()">
  <dtml-let si=sequence-item>
   <dtml-call "REQUEST.set(si, data[si])">


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