ZWiki's seem a little wonky at the moment so Im commenting here.

The one big that would be hugely helpful is a dict property class. Should be
quite simple and very useful IHMO without having to rely on TinyTables etc.

Cheers and thanks for starting up the project.

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> raise
> We at Hiperlogica realize a lot of you people prefer to write
> your code in Python in the filesystem. However, we also believe
> the power of Zope's trough-the-web RAD framework is one of the
> reasons for its success; more importantly, it's a good part of
> the reason it works for *us*.
> In this spirit, we fired up HiperDom a few months ago, and
> we're now working on ZUnitTTW to allow developers to unit test
> their ZClasses and even their very sites.
> Now, we've been taking note of a lot of peeves we have with
> Properties, in the past one year or so. After all this time,
> and dealing with some Zope internals, we feel confident enough
> to propose to fix them.
> So we're "raising" a Project in the fishbowl to implement these
> changes. But before we dive in the mud, we'd like to hear from
> people that really use Properties (and/or ZClasses), or that
> would use them if they were more powerful. Please go to the
> Proposal page, linked above, and tell us what you think.
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