I am having a problem with cookies in Internet Explorer.  Zope will not 
allow cookies in IE to have -'s or ,'s.  The problem extends from the 
fact that IE does not quote the environment variable HTTP_COOKIE, so 
Zope has separate regular expressions to deal with HTTP_COOKIE in 
Netscape and IE when parsing HTTP_COOKIE into the cookies dictionary. 
This is handled in the parse_cookie method of HTTPRequest.py.  The first 
reg exp below is for Netscape and the second is the one it uses for IE. 
  I understand why the one for IE does not allow for spaces, \0's, "'s, 
and ;'s because those are possible delimeters of the end of a cookie 
value, but I do not understand why it  excludes -'s and ,'s.  Does 
anyone know the reasoning behind this?

                      '\([\0- ]*'
                      '\([^\0- ;,=\"]+\)="\([^"]*\)\"'
                      '\([\0- ]*[;,]\)?[\0- ]*\)'

                      '\([\0- ]*'
                      '\([^\0- ;,=\"]+\)=\([^\0- ;,\"]*\)'
                      '\([\0- ]*[;,]\)?[\0- ]*\)'

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