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Subject: Re: [Zope-dev] Request for a Pluggin Index (NameIndex)

> On Monday 04 June 2001 16:55, Andreas Jung wrote:
> >>Looks like you should write your own index type. Zope 2.4
> >>comes with an PlugableIndex interface to allow third-party
> >>indexes to be integrated into the Catalog.
> this brings up an interesting question of what is the best way to register
> new plugindex thats distributed with a product. Glancing over the cvs logs
> looks as though plugin indexes are arranged to be the first product
> in Application.py. Given that what is the suggested method for registering
> new plugin index?

I think this should be subject of a small How-To. Anyway...to register
a plugin index you have to call "context.registerClass(...)". Take
a look at PluginIndexes/__init__.py how Zopes indexes are
registered. Other indexes should do it in the same way.

The reason why PluginIndexes are installed as first product is that there
are some dependencies between PluginIndexes and other Zope Products.
Products are usually inialized in alphabetical order. But in this case
we made an exception.


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