i am encountering some rather bizarre problems with 'properties' on
xt_objects, which are effectively fancy folderish DTML Documents.

the problems are two fold...

- i call manage_changeProperties on an xt_object within other xt_objects,
and at times, it would change the same property, e.g. xt_options, on all the
other xt_objects in the same container!

this would be magically rectified when i restart the zope server!

- the second problem is of a different nature, it's to do with 'Date
properties'. i have several date properties set by dtml when an object is
created, e.g. xt_expiration_date. however, when i manually change a date
property through manage_propertiesForm, it suddenly stops being a date
property, e.g. if set through DTML, i can do <dtml-var
"xt_expiration_date.year()"> but, i get an attribute error on year, if i
change it manually...

the code for xt_objects can be found at
http://mu2.espnow.com/~zope/xt_object.py and any help would be appreciated.

best regards, tav

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