At 09:29 PM 6/7/01 +0100, Chris Withers wrote:
>If I change one property on, say, a DTML Document, does that store a whole
>new copy of the document in the ZODB?

It updates the object in the ZODB.  Whether that causes a copy to be made,
depends on the underlying storage.  FileStorage makes copies,
BerkeleyStorage (at least Ty's first implementation thereof) does not.

>Is so, then how about storing properties in their own mini-class that just
>subclassed Persistent, so each property got its own pickle jar?

There are a lot of things you'd have to tinker with to get that behavior.
You would probably be better off just using a storage that doesn't make
copies, or using ZPatterns to store selected attributes in such a storage
(such as a differently-backed ZODB, the filesystem, or an SQL or LDAP

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