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Subject: [Zope-dev] Pluggable Index How-To Questions

> Andreas Jung wrote:
> >
> > There is a new How-To for PlugginIndexes:
> >
> > http://www.zope.org/Members/ajung/howto/PluginIndexes/index_html
> Looks great :-)
> Coupla Questions:
> Is there anything you can do in the index_object method to re-use
> "get all attributes and call them if they're callable"?

Don't understand the question...maybe I don't know this ZCatalog feature.

> In uniqueValues, what do the lengths that withLengths returns actually

Good question  - I think uniqueValues is only used for FieldIndex. I think
you usually must not implement it - I must check this...

> In _apply_index, are ResultSet objects and how to build them documented
> anywhere? What is cid used for?

Best way is to take a look in PathIndex.py..

> I take it query_options is better understood by looking at the PathIndex
> example?

There is a new API for passing parameters to the searchResults() of the
(see ZCatalog/help/ZCatalog_Parameters.stx and doc/changenotes). The
 is a list of options that the index is interested when it gets a search

> And finally, has anyone considered writing a Pluggable Index that uses an
> index or tabel of some sort to do its indexing?

never heard of it.

> How abotu a 'Generic Pluggable Index' that lets you implement the
> using Python Scripts, ZSQL methods, etc?

uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....I think you can write that as a Product. But I
don't think
we will write this. And I don't like the idea...I prefer to write such a
with VI and store it in the filesystem :-)


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