For all of you (or at least, BOTH of you<smirk>) Oracle users out there, 
I packed up DCOracle2 Beta 3 this morning, including Z Oracle Stored 
Procedures as part of ZOracleDA.  

It can be found in the usual place,

This isn't much different from Beta 2 except for some SP tweaks and the 
Z Oracle Stored Procedures, except that the NT builds are release 
versions with Oracle 8i (e.g. SP discovery code) features enabled -- 
when I built Beta 2 I goofed the build and packaged a debug release 
without the 8i specific features on.

I'll confess that I'm not a heavy user of Stored Procedures, so your 
mileage may vary; particulary when using IN/OUT binds where type 
conversions need to take place from unweildy Oracle native types (like 

If you play with the stored procedure objects in Zope, it's probably 
worth pointing out that the default permissions won't include execute 
permission -- you have to specifically enable that for non-manager roles.

On the far-out front, a few people have asked how you might do 
user-specific connections to the database (ie instead of pooling by a 
common connection, you individually authenticate to Oracle with your own 
password).  Clearly, cloning the base Connection object would be fairly 
straighforward, but authenticating it to Oracle would not be, as the 
user password wouldn't be available.  If anyone feels strongly about 
that (ie you have a notion on how you would make it work and/or you need 
it), feel free to write me.  From a performance standpoint it would be 
terrible, but security auditors would love it.

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