Sorry, but there were some mistakes in my last posting...

>... To solve the performance problem IŽd suggest to cache the user
> connections for a certain period of time. ...

Of course I haven't meant to 'cache' the connections but to keep em alive
while the respective user is active and shut it down after a timeout
period has passed.

>enhanced ZSQL-example:
>##(new)connection_id=<dtml-var "'username+','+password' or default_connection_id">,

I also know that this will hardly ever work ;-)

Maybe this shot would do a better job:

##default_connection_id=(changed via ZSQL manage_main Interface)
##connection_type=[ standard | custom | optional ]
##connection_options=(individual Oracle Connection String)
sql yada yada

'standard' = obvious
'custum'   = forced custom connection - will raise error if connection_options
             dont' have a valid connection string
'optional' = try 'custom' and fallback to 'standard' if it fails

btw: would be nice to have a drop box in the manage_main screen for this
stuff in a _far future_ release of ZSQL-Methods ;-)

I noticed that a SQL 'COMMIT' is hardcoded into (old) ZOracle/DCOracle1
code - this would'nt have any more sense if all mentioned is possible but
surely you know this.


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