On 20 Jun 2001, Federico Di Gregorio wrote:

> i am sure that the QPL and the ZPL are completely incompatible but
> nobody cares because nobody really thinks that one is better than the
> other...

I might be misunderstanding here, if that's the case I appologies.

Just to clarify, for us at Thingamy (and I'm quite sure this is the real
case behind the license issues) it comes down to business-issues.  I do
very much care whether or not I can use a GPL Zope Python Product with my
ZPL/TPL Zope Python Product.  If I can't, and someone tells me I need to
relicense my product as GPL it would be very bad.

An example could be if I had application G, Z, P.  G is a GPL'ed Zope
Python Product, Z is a ZPL/TPL Zope Python Product and P is some
proprietory stuff I developed for my client.  Now, if the proprietory
application P interacts with my Z application and Z needs to become GPL,
then that would/could require the proprietary stuff I did for the client
to become GPL as well.

Then, I get hell.  If the client has to disclose their business
trade-secrets, the stuff that really makes them them, I'd be sued so hard
I'd see stars for another three decades :)

Or am I wrong (I'd absolutely love to be!)?

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