On 21 Jun 2001 11:08:30 -0400, Jim Penny wrote:
> OK, consider this from another point of view.  If I have an operating
> system may I install a piece of GPL software on the operating system?
> May I redistribute the operating system?  With the GPL software?
> May I invoke/run the GPL software?
> My understanding is that the answer to every one of these is yes.

yes. only if it is free. only if it is free. yes, but only because gpl
allows for gpl code linking with the major components of the os even if
they are proprietary.

> May I modify the GPL software and distribute it without giving
> downstream the same opportunity.  Clearly no.
> Now, s/operating system/zope/g
> Do the answers to the questions change?  And, if so, why?
> >From my perspective, and I think from fog's the answer is that
> it should not change the answers.

err, no. if you write an external module using only python code, as long
as you use a gpl-compatible python to run zope, you can call your
external code from zope. if you write a product suclassing dc code,
you're effectively 'linking' and gpl limitations apply. 

> Maybe the easy way out of this is to simply declare zope an
> "operating system" rather than an "application".  Snippy
> thoughts cut here.

eheh. nice try... :)

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