On Friday 22 June 2001 04:24, Erik Enge wrote:
> On Fri, 22 Jun 2001, Shane Hathaway wrote:
> > Now, if the ZPL were GPL compatible, the GPL would be in full effect
> > for products.  Digital Creations would automatically have the rights
> > to redistribute derivatives of ZWiki.  I believe DC would even be
> > able to distribute ZWiki with Zope as long as any dependent products
> > (such as CMFWiki) are also GPL'ed.  Zope itself would not have to be
> > GPL'ed since it does not depend in any way on ZWiki.
> Now I think I have two different answers to one of my fundamental
> questions in this discussion: if I have a GPL-compatible licensed
> product and I distribute it with a GPL product, do I need to relicense
> the former one to GPL?  Because that is what I understand you to say. 
> Others have said the opposite.

I agree with Morten--yes, you can distribute GPL compatible code and GPL 
code together.  ZWiki is just in a strange position because the GPL is 
not actually in effect.

> > - DC has not changed the ZPL because there hasn't been any strong
> > push to make it happen. [...] Make your voice heard.  Keep in mind
> > that many on the management team don't have time to read the zope-dev
> > and zope lists.
> I hope that you guys at DC reading the list make them aware of the fact
> that many people as frustrated with this.  And it is not a small issue,
> either, as I'm sure we are all too aware of.
> I'd love to lobby DC to start thinking about this, how do I get in
> touch with the management team?  It would be great if we could discuss
> this on [EMAIL PROTECTED] (or similar) and have them read/comment
> on that list.  To start off with, it would be great if we could see the
> rationale for the ZPL, and how they think it applies to the current
> situation.

Explain why it's important to you and why you can't get by on the current 
situation.  You can send them directly or I can forward emails to the 


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