On 25 Jun 2001, Michael R. Bernstein wrote:

> Other than keeping the door open for this eventuality, is there any
> other reason to choose a BSD style license over the GPL?

Yes.  A commercial one; an imperative one.  If I make a Zope Python
Product, I must license it as GPL to be able to redistribute.  That's just
unacceptable in my eyes.  (It would probably go against my personal
beliefs to do that, but in the business-would you can't barge in with a
hard GPL-attitude all over your face and expect people do readily do
business with you.  That's why we need a transition period; 'till the
catch up with us.)

I, for one, am quite convinced that most of the revenue Zope help
companies create out there is done by proprietary Zope Python Products.  
With Zope under GPL this wouldn't be possible.  (Me thinks.)
> Unless I've misunderstood something (which is certainly possible), DC
> doesn't seem to have anything to lose by switching from a BSD style
> license to the GPL (or a GPL style license with an additional optional
> attribution clause), and quite a bit to gain.

How do you suppose DC make their monies?  I'm quite sure they can't
license Zope under the GPL because they would intimidate their market too
much with it (an assumption that could be wrong, naturally).

Let's hope they go for a GPL-compatible one.  I can't see what they
would/could loose by using a BSD-style one, maybe you have some thoughts
on that?

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