Chris McDonough Wrote:
> CatalogAware is arguably broken and should really not be used.

> In the meantime, if you care at all about cataloging, do not use
> CatalogAware.  Instead, manage the recataloging yourself and don't
> uncatalog a changed object before recataloging it during this manual
> operation, because this defeats all of the carefully set up change
> detection code (which may or may not still be working since I last
> worked on it ;-)


Thank you for your candor here.  I wish this minor detail had been disclosed
in the Zope book.  Chapter 9 was my holy grail when I started down this
trail (creating these new ZClasses that would auto catalog themselves).  It
looked good in print...  I have banked a good deal of my project on this
very service and ... well it is a bit frustrating to find out that I need to
go back and re-do my work.

Along this same vein,  I would suggest that (possibly) ZClasses don't really
work, either, "and should not be used".  There was a comment from another
developer (on zope-dev a month or so ago) that essentially (in his own
words) made this very claim.  At the time, I chalked it up to this "Real
Zope Developers Don't Use ZCLasses" kinda comment.  There certainly are
enough Zope products out there that (at least) leverage some of the ZClass

Another claim in the Zope book (chapter 8) says that I can leverage my 6+
years of Perl experience to create Zope scripts.  Well, I would suggest that
this doesn't really work, either...

The bottom line to all this venting (and I am not trying to shoot the
messenger here) is that I need to understand where my efforts should be
focused.  If I need to abandon ZClasses in lieu of pure Python, then I need
to know that now so I don't waste any more time on these false starts. The
Perl thing is just a matter of principle (I think Perl's implementation of
OO stinks).  The way it is presented in the book, I would expect it to be a
core Zope thing and not some appendage that requires a particular compiler
and Andy sitting next to you.

I don't intend to abandon Zope, I just need a reality check...


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