Chris McDonough wrote:
> Yikes.  I wonder if this overhead comes from Vocabulary updates... thanks
> very much for doing this test.

No, this should definetely _not_ be related to vocabulary: I simply
copied an already indexed document and let ZCatalog.catalog_object munge
the copy. So all words appearing in this copy already have an entry in
the Vocabulary. I also checked it during a test without meta data: The
vocabulary doed not increase.

> Clearly we need to pin it down.  This is very disappointing.  :-(  Any
> further info you dig up is appreciated.

Well, I don't have any at present. But allow me to make some guess :) If
a new record is added to a BTree, is can be necessary to move a few
other records around in order to keep the tree balanced. And some of the
BTrees affected by my test are definitely somewhat larger, because I did
not use German stop words during the test, so words like "und", "der",
"die" are indexed which appear in _every_ document. (well, at least in
_nearly_ every document)

> You didn't have any metadata stuff set up, did you?  I imagine even if you
> did, that they couldn't possibly account for 200K worth of extra stuff.

Ouch, I forgot about the meta data. So here is the result of another
test, with all meta data thrown away:

Packed data base size, one document (same during the last test) to be
229170221 bytes.

data base size after updating the catalog run: 229310316 bytes
size after packing: 229172566 bytes

So, same as before :(


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