On Tue, 26 Jun 2001, Stephan Richter wrote:

> - A simple DTML Zope programmers costs are okay and maybe below programmer 
>   average.
> - A good Zope/Python programmer will cost above average.
> - A good Zope/Python System-Designer is very expensive.
> Because of that you try to minimize the Designer's time by providing a nice 
> tool (UML tool, such as ObjectDomain). Then you try to minimize the Python 
> Programmers time by auto-generating the framework and only make him to fill 
> the methods with life. Now, because we have a UML diagram, the DTML 
> programmer can start right away with programming the DTML and HTML around 
> the data/functional model, since the API is clear. This way you optimized 
> several things:

If DTML programming / interface design is so simple, and cheap, why not
automate it?  (Strike two for low cost development).

I've been trying to save some time (and my fingers!) by building a RAD
framework, named the WarpFramework [1], which deals with the low level
complexity of properties and how to display / manipulate them in addition
to other common programming tasks.. this could perhaps blend in easily..

Say for example that we could provide the odd designer with the
possibility of simply pushing widgets and displays (generated
automatically of course) around the page, and changing colors and
backgrounds (CSS); then we have a tool that designers would love as well.

> - Minimize the time of the expensive people.

Minimize the time of people.  Period.  :-)

. o O ( Many small rivers make.. )

> - Minimize the development time, since many people can work parallel.

..lessen the complexity and add to robustness.

> - Because of the above, you minimize risk and money spent. And voila, you 
>   have a well functioning RAD team.*
> * This assumes that your team works together well. ;-)

Well, somebody's got to do something, eh?  ;-)

[1] http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/warp-framework

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