Hm. Wizard?

if there are always many objects to create, may be it would be
better to have a generic mechanism for asking users and
represent app-/management interfaces rather then copying all
the stuff over and over?


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>> So what does it do?  :)
> It is a general Wizard Builder with which you could build a Wizard that
> asks for all the necessary information to auto-generate a Python Product
> (for example).
>> What I'm thinking is this: maybe use SmartWizard to meta-program you
>> Python Product; that creates a definition file(s) of some sort which is
>> sent to mk-zprod; mk-zprod consults the WarpFramework do make sure we
>> don't create too much work for ourselves, and also provides us with nice
>> default HTML/DTML-pages, and finally, Formulator could be used to do
>> validation on those HTML/DTML-pages.
> Exactly that. But the SmartWizard would provide you with a framework to
> build this "Make New Python Product Wizard". If I get far enough, I will
> release the pre alpha today, just you see the proof of concept...
>> Or are we talking past eachother here?
> Nope, we don't. But SmartWizard is a more general tool than you were
> thinking of it.
>> It would be very cool to have a tool like that.
> I agree. It is annoying to code all that stuff all the time.
> Regards,
> Stephan
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