On Tue, 26 Jun 2001 09:31:02 -0400, Chris McDonough

>Right.. if you don't use CatalogAware, however, and don't unindex before
>reindexing an object, you should see a huge bloat savings, because the
>only things which are supposed to be updated then are indexes and
>metadata which have data that has changed.

CatalogAware has been blamed for alot of problems. Its three
weaknesses I am aware of are:

a. Unindexing before ReIndexing causes bloat by defeating the
   catalogs change-detection tricks.

b. It uses URLs not paths, and so doesnt play right with
   virtual hosting

c. It uses the same hooks as ObjectManager to detect that
   it has been added/removed from a container
   ObjectManager, and therefore the two cant be easily
   mixed together as base classes.

All of these are fixable, and I feel a patch coming on.

Are there some deeper problems I am not aware of?

Toby Dickenson

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