At 08:49 PM 6/27/01 -0400, Shane Hathaway wrote:
>Andy McKay wrote:
> > It depends on your experience. In your opinion you find it easier (now 
> I can
> > write a Zope product in my sleep I agree). Most Zope users however, in my
> > experience, try ZClasses first.
>When I came to Zope, within a week I was getting ready to write a Python
>product.  (And I didn't even know Python yet! :-) )

Well, I was not that fast (took me 6 month until I tried it), but I never 
did ZClasses either. I like the cleanness of Python too much. I did not 
follow the entire discussion, but I think if there are the right tools like 
mk-zprod (discussed on the other thread on zope-dev) with a nice front-end, 
then we can make the learning curve less steep and encourage people to 
develop "real" products in Python. ;-)

In fact, in a couple of minutes I will release the first version of 
SmartWizard, which will allow to write nice front-ends like that.


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