Hello everyone,

after a long night with a nice thunderstorm here in Nuremberg, I got the SmartWizard (first version) finished.

Oh, you want to know what SmartWizard is? SmartWizard is a framework to generate Wizards for all sort of applications. The wizards are designed for the End User, so I tried to put some of the common Wizard features in it.

....... if this is getting confusing at any point of time, just jump to the bottom and try it ;-) .......

The wizard framework uses a very simple, almost totally in DTML implemented API. All of the required DTML Methods are generated and even pre-filled, so that you can view the wizard as soon as you got your first page written.

Wizard Pages are the actual screens you are going to see. They also have always an action associated with them, so you can do some result analysis before going on to the next page. In order to make it even easier, I have also built a small Template Engine, with which you can register new Page templates, in case you have some Pages, which occur over and over again. Currently I have implemented four Page templates:

o Wizard Form Page - This type of pages contains Entry Forms which are implemented using the great Formulator.

o Wizard Section Page - This type of page displays a SmartSection as its main content. Later I want to use it to manipulate the Wizard right from the view.

o Wizard Products Page - This page checks whether a list of required Products is already installed on the current Zope location. This is in particular useful for Installer Wizards, like the Proiektor Installer.

o Wizard Tree Page - This page's purpose is to display an object tree and let's you choose an object from the list. You can choose in the Properties, which meta-types are being shown and what the start/default object is.

I would love for people (I mean you guys) to come up with ideas for some new Page Templates!

Download: http://www.zope.org/Members/srichter/Products/SmartWizard

Stephan Richter
CBU - Physics and Chemistry Student
Web2k - Web Design/Development & Technical Project Management

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