Here my list of questions:

1. Will we create ZClass or Python Products?


2. I think it should ask some more meta-data information here, such as 
License, Author(s), Description ....

>A list of images (like dtmldoc.gif and such)

3. Okay, here we should have a loop of enter images with upload 
functionality. The only problem is where do we save them in the mean time?

>If you want to set a default Catalog name

4. Okay, I do not work with the catalog; what do you need, just a name or 
the path? I think the WizardTreePage will help here.

>If you want nice redirection after adding objects

5. Yep, how could that look like; should I provide users with a text area 
or what?

>if you want to include standard headers in your dtml files


>a list of classes

6. Yes, we will start a loop here asking for class information.

>  class name
>  class type
>  class icon name

7. Yeah, this is all the meta-data here, so that could go on one page. But 
you are missing a list of Base Classes. I have no clue where to get these 
from. I guess it is time to look into the ZClass code, but I think they use 
a separate Mechanism. The problem with the current product registry is that 
NO classes are listed anywhere, only their constructors, which is nothing 
worth in this case.

>  catalogaware or not (or may just methods to index/reindex th object)


>   a list of attributes
>     attribute name
>     attribute type
>     attribute default value

8. Should that just use the PropertyManager attribute _properties? I 
usually add the 'default' key to each property dictionary and write a two 
liner in the __init__ method to generate the properties with their default...

>   a list of subclasses
>     subclass name
>     subclass type
>     subclass icon name
>     a list of attributes
>       ....

9. Again, that would be a loop. But my question here would be: Are you 
using sub-classes that much. I have written one so far in all the products ...

Okay, I think we got a flow together... If you have a "couple more minutes" 
<grin>, some sort of storyboards would be nice... I started already 
building a wizard, but I dunno how much time I got today, since I am 
leaving town tomorrow and won't return until the ZopeCon in Berlin is over. 
Are coming to Berlin?


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