On Thu, 28 Jun 2001, Stephan Richter wrote:

> Well, but where are the images coming from. The Wizard is a Web
> Frontend, so we would need to upload the images or copy them from
> somewhere else from the file system.

>From the filesystem of the user?

> BTW, the /img directory is non-standard. Better would be www/ since other 
> products use it as well.

Sure thing.  (Although, www/ indicates to me .html pages and various other
things too.)

> In fact, we only need to think about adding them with the right permissions 
> to the directory. A piece of code in the __init__.py will do the rest:

Yes.  This is what mk-zprod does today :)
> 2. When the icon is uploaded, save it somewhere temporarily. At the end, 
> when all questioning is done, add everything at once. This has the 
> advantage that you can freely move back and forth until you finish the wizard.

Sounds good :)
> >         def __init__(self, attrib1, attrib2='something'):
> >                 """doc string"""
> >                 self.attrib1 = attrib1
> >                 self.attrib2 = attrib2
> Because this is horribly ugly and unflexible when you have 20 attributes. I 
> always have to change several places, if I modify, add or edit an 
> attribute/property.

Could you give me an example of how you would do it?  (Then I could
modify the mk-zprod code.)
> Well, we can describe that right away in the standard property dictionary 
> form; then we do not need to parse or do anything else.

Nice :)
> >Well, I was, but I'm moving to France the 8. of July and I've just come
> >home (to Norway) from England.  England, Norway, France, Germany, France
> >all in just three weeks is a bit much :)  (Oh, and I have to get an
> >apartment in Antibes.)
> Okay. It would have been a good place to discuss this further.

Morten Petersen from Thingamy will be there, I'm sure he has some thoughts
about it.
> Now, I looked at the mk-zprod code again. We need to make it a real
> Zope Product with a nice management API, so that I can use the
> functions from the Wizard.

I'll start typing right now.  I'll probably have something premature by
> If we define this API clearly,

Ok.  I'll just write up mk-zprod as a Python Product and the API is
defined as I go.  Then, you could have a look and we can unite on one API
and I make the necessary changes in the code.  Yeah?

Unless, of course, you have some specific requests right away.

> Once the work, twice the reward! ;-)

I like.

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