>Hi Stephan, thanks for this. Sounds pretty useful.

Thanks. Well, I should have waited with releasing it, but I thought it 
would be good, since SmartWizard can be using it. I promise that the 
quality and documentation will drastically increase with the next releases.

> > IMPORTANT: SmartSections requires OrderedFolder!
>and CoreSessionTracking.. and Formulator.. and SmartWizard.. (or not?)

It requires CoreSessionManagement? I could not find the spot in the code.
Oh yes, it requires Formulator!!! Of course the heart of all the forms. ;-)
Nope, SmartSections does not require SmartWizard. The Wizard just uses 

>It seems to be happy with dependencies now but when I create a Smart
>Section in the ZMI I get
><snip error>

Yes, yes, yes. I was just too tired last night to think of everything!

Okay, here the explanation and the simple fix (or necessary install step):

SmartSectionElements use Forms to be added and edited. Since I did not want 
to hard code these forms and have them editable in the ZMI, you have to 
define a Form container. This Form Container can be any Folder. You simply 
need to add the boolean property 'isFormContainer' and all the section 
forms will be placed there.
In addition to the first case: If you have your Form Container and it 
contains a Transparent Folder called 'Forms', then the forms are put in 
this Forms Folder for better organization.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact me!


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