>>>>> "GM" == Giovanni Maruzzelli <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    GM> We are almost decided to switch to berkeleydb storage (the
    GM> Minimal one) to get rid of the bloating, we are testing with
    GM> it, but it seems to be discontinued because of a lack of
    GM> requests.

    GM> Any light on it? Is it production grade?

There are currently two versions of non-undo, non-versioning Berkeley
based storages.  One is called Packless.py and one is called
Minimal.py.   Packless was written first, and is truly packless; it
uses reference counting to get rid of unused objects.  Minimal isn't
quite packless yet, since the reference counting hasn't been added.
OTOH, Minimal shares much as much implementation as possible with
Full, so it shares e.g. the more robust backing commit log file

A goal, although not likely for 1.0 is to merge the best features of
Minimal and Packless into a single storage.  I don't think it's a lot
of work to do this, but Jim hasn't pressed this has as having a very
high priority.


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