Rene Pijlman wrote:
> On 10 Jul 2001 08:06:42 +0200, you wrote:
> >| How about treating some of the most critically needed Zope modules
> >| as a community project?
> >I agree totally.
> So what do you think are the most needed Zope products?

Form tools! :)

Uhmm. Check. Feel free to join the community project at:

I'll be giving a presentation to the community this friday in Berlin,

Another thing I'm getting back involved in now is the whole Zope
XML picture. I think good support for things such as XSLT, XPath,
XLink and so on could add a lot of value for lots of people, and
would do wonders for the enterprise buzzwordability of Zope, as well. 

e-commerce infrastructure is nice too, of course. Someone else can
do that. :)

What Zope also needs is a set of good clear APIs for component developers,
and it needs something like the 'new religion' that's on a wiki somewhere;
model/view/controller type architecture. If you think this can't be
a community project as it's too advanced then I'll tell you that thought
is the bane of community projects. Community projects can do anything! :)
But as with any open source project, the community project will only succeed
if there is one dedicated person (or a small group of dedicated people) that
does all the work anyway.

The opening of the Zope CVS for outside developers will help here too,



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