* Steve Alexander <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [010711 07:59]:
> >>KeyError: SERVER_URL

> > I have seen a similar traceback which was due to a bug in CopyPaste.py,
> > to which I have submitted a patch. It had to do with a lack of an
> > acquisition wrapper at an inopportune time. It looks as though
> > absolute_url() is being called without a proper wrapper around the
> > object it is begin called for.

> Looks to me like absolute_url() is being called when absolute_url(1) 
> should be used.

I didn't know about the absolute_url(relative=1) switch.  Do virtually
hosted envirnoments not have a SERVER_URL variable?  

However, I don't think this is the problem.  

(1) I'm not in a virtual hosting scenario
(2) it happens at fairly random intervals *on the same page*.  

I can be working on a page, then reload it, and I get the KeyError.
Then I can reload it again and the error goes.  Then I go back to it,
reload it again, and the error appears.  Reload it again and the error
remains.  Reload it again and it disappears again...  You get the

This makes it very difficult to debug.  I left my computer on
overnight, without changing any app settings, and haven't seen the
error yet today.

My feeling is that Casey's right.  It's happening on a CMF object
to which I've added BeforeTraverse hooks, which could possibly have
something to do with it.  However, I've actually seen this problem
before, about a year ago, with a completely unrelated ZClass-based
objects.  I remember then noticing that the error occured more often
with Netscape and Opera than IE.  Of course, that theory is utter
nonsense seeing as HTTP is a connectionless protocol and the headers
each browser sends are effectively the same.  However, in the absence
of a reproduceable error, I have to clutch at straws ;-)


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