Mick writes:
 > I am trying to make a product act like an external method, or dtmlmethod.
 > Basically I have taken the minimal product and added a __call__ function.
 > It works fine, and can be called as a function of the object that contains
 > it.  The problem is that the minimal objects namespace is also pushed onto
 > the stack, and to get out of it I need to go through self.aq_parent.
 > Reading though all the help I could find I tried adding the following (as
 > DTMLMethod suggests.)
 > #Documents masquerade as functions
 > class func_code: pass
 > func_code=func_code()
 > func_code.co_varnames='self','RQUEST','RESPONSE'
 > func_code.co_argcount=3
This only affect the ZPublisher (more precisely "mapply").

What you may need: "isDocTemp".
Search the mailing list archives for it.


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