Case in point.

I'm at my local technical college library looking for material.  No books on UML or 
Python. Ok fine they don't teach either one. They don't plan on carring a copy of the 
Zope book when it comes out.

btw wondering when do the people that won *free*  copies get theirs.
  I should be on that list.
I made suggestions on what I could do to petition/campaign them to carry the book, and 
they said write something up.
  Personally when I think of *library* I think of a respository of tidbits of 
information stored in some manner for me to conviently access.  Zope is free for 
anyone to access and use. It is a tool and it is knowledge.
  Something must be wrong if the library is skewed towards closed source commercial 
products because students aren't getting the *big* picture.

  If you asked me and I were in charge of and the leader of OSS I would go after half. 
If commercial products are going to be in public schools like Cisco, and Microsoft, 
then so should OSS. This way if you shoot for half you'll end up with something.

Doing my part,

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