One of the links on that page ends in -src.tgz.  That's the source to Zope.
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I'm a student, doing my Masters in Clinet/Server Computing. I was interested in Content Server stuff, thats why I decided to do my master project on Content Server.

I was going through the web, and found Zope Application server, and decided to work on it. Right now Zope works with any web server that supports the Common Gateway Interface (CGI). I want to develope some adapter that will enable Zope working with any web server that supports ASP.

I downloaded the Zope source code that is available at

I want to play with the source code of Zope application server to have a better idea of this application, but couldn't find any good documentation. I'm wandering whether thats the only peace of code availble for users????? Is that full source code for Zope Application server, if not where can I get the full source code? Do u know any documentation which will be helpful for understanding and playing aound with source code??

Please respond to this mail if u have answer to my questions.



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