You might want to look at my PatchKit product that may provide the vehicle
you need for your patch. It provides an override for the management style
sheet (Among other unrelated patches).


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Sent: Monday, 09 July 2001 15:03
Subject: [Zope-dev] Management Interface in ZODB

I have a couple of small patches here that allow you to override the
manage options (i.e. manage_tabs, manage_page_header,
manage_page_footer) in the ZODB. This simple patch seems a nice way to
provide this option without breaking compatibility with the current
system. It patches the App/ and OFS/ file.

This also causes risk of locking yourself out of management, there are 2
ways around this problem; First is to ftp/webDAV in and delete the
offending file.
I've also added a SUPPRESS_CUST_MANAGE option, (for example
abc/SUPPRESS_CUST_MANAGE/manage_main) when this is in the path it will
stop use the core zope management interface instead of the custom ones.
The problem with this is that i get a "<Override instance at 8189638>"
instead of the DTML code that should be in place of the object. As well
this option IS NOT thread safe. I'm looking for a better solution but i
can't think of one?

What do people think of this patch? Is there a better way to do this? Is
it possible to get a patch similar to this integrated into the Zope core
because it's an extremely useful.

Hope to hear from you soon


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