I have got several questions here,and maybe you can give me some advice.

What I am trying to do  is write a product which can communicate with ODBC Socket 
a win32 server application that allow applications to have access to Data Sources 
managed by Windows ODBC 
DataSource Administrator. And now a class written in python can communicate with ODBC 
Socket Server.
BTW,the class mentioned above  handles the connection to the server,sending SQL 
statement,and Receiving results.

As far as I know, in Zope,to access Data Sources,one must create a Database connection 
ZSQLMethods associated with it to get the results. (but I have doubt about this,
IMHO,there must be some other way to do so,but what is it.).

Now,I am rather confused about how to solve the problem. 
First,is what I need to write a DA? or just a common product?
Second,if it's a DA, how can I use the existing class? I have read the article named 
"how to write a DA" in the how-tos,but it is quite abstract to me. 
Third,where can I find more about the DataBase Connection and ZSQLMethod ? especially 
on how they work together to access databases.

OK,I am not sure whether I have made me understood, in fact,I am not quite clear 
myself. if you have any questions about that,I will reply ASAP.

thanks for your great patience,I will be grateful if you can give me some advice.
thank you!

Best Wishes

yours sincerely
Steven Lee  

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