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naively I volunteered for a talk on zope in autumn to a (small) CS student 
audience. However, I must confess that do not understand the 
basics about the API:

What is the most general and state-of-the-art way (including
necessary imports from the zope python library), to non-interactively
- add an Object o of type (class) t in context (directory location) c to Zope ?
- call a method m of that object (that eg was found in its source code) ?
- (optional) set and alter a public attribute a of that object ?
- delete that Object o from context c ?

I naively assume that from a developers point of view, zope 
is nothing but a (great) storage bin for all kinds of objects (of course all 
the "hard stuff" has been done, with a nice user GUI, persistence, caching, 
transaction integrity etc).

And then I felt reassured that is also nice to know that in principle 
everything(?) is accessible via (authenticated) XML-RPC: 

class XMLRPCMessageHandler(StackMessageHandler):
  def __init__ (self):
    self.stack = []
    self.bat = BasicAuthTransport("guest","*****")
    self.server = xmlrpclib.Server("http://localhost:9673/";, self.bat)
    self.server.manage_addDocument('foo3','Foo3','foo3s content')

However, as far as I understand (OFSP/ of version 2.3.3-1, l. 121)
"manage_addDocument" is a "legacy" API in the same way eg overuse of DTML is 
partly legacy-related, nor do I find a method for eg deleting documents in 
the Zope Book Appendix API doc. 

Also the ZSyncer source seems to give some hints but for me it is hard to 
differentiate ZSyncer-specific and general stuff.

Again, the question is *not* about how to write Products/scripts/ZClasses but 
rather to demonstrate that there is an elegant and coherent approach to the API,
its about ...

(in case it boils down to RTFS pls point out which files or which products 
are fruitful)

Many thanks in advance,

Holger Blasum <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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